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The online store located at, is operated by the company

Fasada Windows & Doors Sp. z o.o. Poland

NIP: PL 8392627079

REGON: 771256142

Al. Krakowska 173

02-180 Warszawa PL

Manufacturing facility: ^ADDRESS MANUFACTORY^

76-200 Słupsk PL

Phone: +48 695 611 330

Fax: +48 59 841 44 10


Order completion terms

1. Only adults may be customers of the store.

2. The customer may place an order 24 hours a day via the website. The customer places an order by choosing a product they are interested in and configuring it according to their requirements using the configurator. A selected and configured product is ordered by clicking “ADD TO BASKET” and then choosing the delivery address and payment terms in the “ORDER" section.

3. No registration is necessary to purchase in the Online Store.

4. By placing an order, the customer concludes a sales agreement for the products ordered from the Online Store.

5. In the order, the customer specifies:

a. the product or products ordered, their configuration and quantity,

b. the delivery address,

c. notes: e.g. address to be placed on the invoice, special order terms, etc.,

d. payment terms,

e. contact information: phone and fax numbers, email.

6. Once an order is placed, a unique ORDER NUMBER is generated to identify the order unambiguously. This number is required to make a payment for the products ordered and is helpful when contacting the Customer Support Department.

7. The customer can order larger quantities of products (wholesale orders above 20) after consulting the Customer Support Department of by phone (number +48 695 611 330) or by mail: ^MAIL^.

8. The delivery will be made only if the products ordered are in stock at the Online Store and the configuration chosen by the Customer is possible (technical conditions).

9. The order is delivered to the address specified by the Customer in their order.

10. Order completion starts when the Online Store receives a payment, and the order is successfully confirmed with the Customer.

11. The Online Store does not bear any responsibility for the failure to deliver the products or any delay in the delivery or completion of an order caused by an address incorrectly or imprecisely given by the Customer.

12. In case of the unavailability of part of the products in the Customer's order or the inability to provide the selected configuration, the Online Store sends a message to the Customer's email address given in the order form or calls the phone number given in the contact information to inform the Customer which products are unavailable and when. This message also contains a request to make a decision concerning further handling of the order.

13. In such situation, the Customer may:

a. give their consent to the extension of the delivery time of the whole order,

b. divide the order into smaller parts,

c. give their consent to modify the configuration of the products.

14. In case an order is split due to the unavailability of products, the Customer is only charged for the delivery of the first package. The cost of delivering the remaining packages in the split order is covered by the Online Store.

15. Should contacting the Customer be impossible or a response is not received within 48 hours, the Online Store may further handle the order in one of the following ways:

a. deliver the order in full with delayed delivery time,

b. deliver the order in full after splitting it into several orders according to the availability time and at their own discretion,

c. deliver an order in part and deliver the products that are available at the time of the order delivery at the Central Warehouse, and cancel the remaining part of the order,

d. cancel the whole order.

16. The Online Store reserves the right to not deliver an order if:

a. for technical reasons, there are errors in the order that may cause losses to the Customer or the Online Store,

b. The Customer Support Department does not receive the confirmation of the final version of the order,

c. The Online Store cannot deliver the order due to reasons not attributable to them.

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1. The Online Store publishes information concerning their offer at and offers products included in the store's database on the Internet.

2. The prices in the Online Store:

a. include VAT and are given in Polish Zlotys,

b. do not include the shipping price when given next to the product.

3. The price given in the Online Store next to the product at the time the order is placed by the Customer is binding and final.

4. In case the configuration for a product is changed after an order is placed, the store reserves the right to change the price.

5. Information concerning the total value of an order is given at once the delivery and payment terms are specified.

6. The Online Store reserves the right to change the prices of the products in their offer, as well as to start and stop any promotions and sales at any time and without any notification.

7. In case the price changes due to the changes to the configuration, the Customer will be warned about this fact before finalising the order.

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Order modification

1. The Customer may modify the order at any time before it is finalised.

2. Since the products at are made to order, there is no way to cancel or modify the order once the manufacturing process has started.

3. The modification can be made only by contacting the Customer Support Department of by phone (at +48 695 611 330) or by mail: ^MAIL^.

4. These modifications may include the cancellation of the whole order. If the payment for the products has been made in advanced, the return will be made to the Customer's bank account used to make this payment within 14 working days. If the Customer does not own their own bank account, the amount will be repaid by postal order.

5. Each modification to an already placed order has to be confirmed by the Customer by signing the “Order Confirmation Form” and faxing or emailing it to the Customer Support Department.

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1. The delivery time is determined individually for each customer. The delivery time depends on the type of product, its colour, type of glazing, etc. The information concerning the delivery time can be seen in the “Order Confirmation Form”.

2. Shipping time is within 7 working days from the end of the manufacturing process.

3. The orders are delivered using delivery vehicles on the Online Store or a shipping company.

4. The order will be delivered to the address giving in the order form.

5. Due to the size and weight of the products, the Customer has to provide the unloading service at the place of delivery, in consultation with the Customer Support Department.

6. The orders can also be picked up in person at our store (after prior consultation with the Customer Support Department).

7. The shipping cost is given in "YOUR BASKET" section.

8. The online store does not bear any responsibility for any delays in the delivery caused by the shipping company.

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1. The payment for the goods to be delivered can be made in person in cash, by card, bank transfer, electronic bank transfer or by postal order.

2. The payment can be made:

by debit card:

VISA, MasterCard, Diners Club International, JCB

by electronic bank transfer:


Płacę z Inteligo

BPH transfer



Płać z Nordea

by bank transfer (including electronic banks) from:


Pekao24 Pekao S.A.

Millenet Millenium Bank S.A.

KB24 Kredyt Bank S.A.

Sez@m Bank BPH S.A.

Deutsche Bank Deutsche Bank S.A.

ING Online ING Bank Śląski S.A.

CitiBank Citi Bank Handlowy S.A.

BOŚBank24 Bank Ochrony Środowiska

eBGŻ Bank Gospodarki Żywnościowej

InvestBank InvestBank

Fortis Bank Planet Fortis Bank

VW Bank Direct VW Bank

Lukas Bank Lukas bank S.A.

3. Order completion will be commenced once the ordering process in the Online Store is finished and an advance payment (specified by the Customer Support Department) is received on's account.

4. The payment for ordered goods and shipment should be made at least 4 days before the planned delivery date. Payment means the receipt of the payment on the bank account of the store or direct cash payment at the cashier's counter at the company's office.

5. On behalf of the Online Store, all debit card payments and electronic transfers are handled by DOTPAY.EU - a European leader in handling electronic payments. DOTPAY.EU guarantees proper security of all transactions and transferring the money to Online Store.

6. Detailed information concerning the payment, the security measures, as well as the terms and conditions for storing and processing the data acquired during the payment are available at DOTPAY.EU.

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Guarantee and complaints

1. All products available in the Online Store can be returned if:

a. they have manufacturing flaws

b. they were mechanically damaged during shipping

c. the goods do not conform with the ones specified in the order.

2. Products purchased from the Online Store cannot be returned if:

a. the differences are caused by the preferences of the Customer's computer (colour, proportions, etc.)

b. the assembly was not done by a professional assembly crew (the Customer does not have a written guarantee for the assembly from the assembly crew)

c. they were mechanically damaged due to their improper assembly or usage

d. they were damaged by prolonged exposure to moisture, sunlight, etc.

they were not subjected to proper periodic maintenance

3. In case of products not covered by manufacturer's or distributor's guarantee, the Customer can choose one of the two ways to file a complaint about the product being at variance with the agreement:

a. The Customer may complain at the seller, i.e. the Online Store.

b. The Customer may exercise their rights arising from the guarantee - in such case, the Customer files a complaint directly with the guarantor (the entity granting the guarantee), and the Online Store acts as an intermediary transmitting the complaint. The Customer may, at their own discretion, contact the guarantee service directly or the Online Store. The Online Store has no right to refuse to act as an intermediary in the guarantee procedure.

4. The Online Store will take a stance on the Customer's complaint and inform them about how it would be handled within 30 working days.

5. The prerequisites for the Online Store to examine the complaint are:

a. providing the Customer Support Department with full documentation of the product in question (description, photos, movie, etc.) with an invoice and, if the product was returned - a return/complaint document,

b. manufacturing flaws in the product in question.

6. In case small elements are returned by POCZTA POLSKA (economy parcel), the Online Store will repay the shipping fee. In order to receive the fee, the Customer has to provide their bank account number.

7. The complaints can also be filed at the traditional store.

8. In case of complaints settled in favour of the Customer, the Online Store will perform all necessary repairs or will replace the product in question with a flawless product or, if the Customer decides to, the Online Store will repay the price of the product in question within 30 days of settling the complaint.

9. In case of complaints settled in favour of the Customer, the Online Store will specify the new date of repair or manufacturing of a new product.

10. The Customer has the right to file a complaint within 1 year from the purchase date, provided that they inform the Online Store about the flaw within one month from finding it.

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Personal data

1. By purchasing from the Online Store, the Customer consents to their personal details being placed in the database of the Online Store, as well as to the processing of these details.

2. The personal data are protected according to the Personal Data Protection Act of August 29, 1997 (Journal of Laws no. 133, item 883) in such a way, that they are inaccessible to any third parties.

3. According to the Act, the Customers of Online Store have the right to view, modify and remove their data.

4. The lack of consent to the processing of personal data makes it impossible for the Online Store to complete the Customer's order.

5. The personal data in the Online Store's database are not transferred to any third parties not participating in the ordering process. 6.  The data is no longer stored once the package is delivered, the complaint is settled, or once the time for settling a complaint elapses, unless the Customer consents to their personal data being stored by beyond this date.

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Final provisions

1. The presence of a product and its configuration in the Online Store does not mean the availability and the ability to complete an order.

2. The product configurator allows for choosing product configurations, but for technical reasons not all configurations chosen by the Customer may be available. In this case, the Customer will be informed about the fact when confirming the order at the Online Store.

3. The Online Store is not responsible for any messages sent to the email specified by the Customer in the order that may be blocked by mail servers or removed and blocked by any software installed on the Customer's computer (anti-spam filters).

4. Rhe differences caused by the preferences of the Customer's computer (colour, proportions, etc.) may not be used to file a complaint or return a product purchased from the Online Store. In order to avoid such issues, the Customer may order a colour sampler. In order to do this, please contact the Customer Support Department at

5. The Online Store will exercise due diligence to make sure that the offer of their products is as close to reality as possible. Due to possible errors in updates (e.g. photos, prices, configurations, etc.), any inconsistencies will be corrected when confirming the order.

6. The prices specified in the Online Store are valid only in the Internet offer (not in stationary stores) and are not subject to any additional discounts that may be applicable in the stationary stores at the time.

7. Products purchased through the Online Store cannot be returned. These products are made to order and according to custom requirements from the Customers (manufactured especially for the customer). Due to this fact, the regulations stating that products ordered online can be returned within 10 days from the purchase date do not apply.

8. In matters not regulated by these Terms and Conditions, the regulations of the Civil Code, the regulations of the Act concerning specific conditions of consumer sales and the changes in the Civil Code, as well as the Act concerning the protection of some consumer rights and concerning the responsibility for damage caused by a dangerous product shall apply.

9. All names of products offered by the Online Store are used for identification purposes and may be protected and reserved based on the regulations concerning industrial property.

10. These Terms and Conditions remain valid until September 1st, 2011.

11. The Online Store reserves the right to amend the Terms and Conditions. Any changes to these Terms and Conditions of Sales become valid on the day of their publication at

12. Any disputes that may arise from the regulations of these Terms and Conditions shall be settled before the court of proper jurisdiction and subject matter to the Fasada Windows & Doors Sp. z o.o. Poland's registered office.

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