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General Guarantee Terms:

, with its registered office in Warsaw at Al. Krakowska 173, hereafter called Manufacturer, provides the Customer of the PVC and aluminium windows and doors, as well as other accessories and additional equipment included in the guarantee card with the following guarantee:
  1. The Manufacturer guarantees high quality and functionality of products covered by the guarantee.
  2. The Manufacturer grants the guarantee for the duration of:
    1. 5 years for PVC and aluminium windows and doors,
    2. 1 year for blinds and other additional accessories (closers, sills, additional locks, fillers, door pulls, etc.)
  3. The guarantee period starts at the sales date specified in the sale invoice issued by the Manufacturer/Seller.
  4. All guarantee rights can be executed by the Customer after all dues owed to the Manufacturer/Seller are settled.
  5. The guarantee covers:
    1. concealed flaws, material and manufacturing flaws that may not have been noticed on purchase,
    2. proper and durable joints between all elements of the products and their faultless functioning,
    3. peeling of glass units and leakage of air or moisture to the inside of the unit.
  6. The guarantee does not cover:
    1. flaws and damages visible on purchase,
    2. mechanical damage such as cracks and scratches of all products, including glass, that appeared after the products were delivered,
    3. flaws and damages caused by incorrect assembly, transport, storage and operation,
    4. freezing, condensation and the effects of these phenomena connected to the incorrect climactic conditions inside the room where the products are installed,
    5. damage caused by cleaning agents that are harmful to the PVC and aluminium coatings, fittings, glass and gaskets, causing scratches or corrosion,
    6. products modified without the Manufacturer’s consent,
    7. flaws that remain invisible after installation and do not influence the usability of the product (e.g. scratches on door frames).
  7. The Manufacturer/Seller is not responsible for the correctness of measurements made by the Customer.
  8. In case of product damage, the Customer should immediately inform the Manufacturer/Seller about this fact.
  9. The Manufacturer shall examine the complaint within 3 days from receiving it.
  10. In case the complaint is recognised, the Manufacturer will perform one of the following:
    1. remove physical flaws (repair),
    2. replace the product with a faultless one,
    3. or, with Customer’s permission:
    4. lower the price proportionately to the ratio of the value of a faultless product to the value calculated after the flaws are considered,
    5. accept the termination of the agreement by the Customer and repay the full purchase price.
  11. The manufacturer guarantees a 14-day deadline for guarantee repairs of their products. In case a necessity to perform a complex repair arises, the Manufacturer reserves the right to extend this deadline. In case the flaw cannot be removed on time due to atmospheric conditions, the Manufacturer will complete their obligation after the conditions that make it impossible to remove the flaw according to the technological requirements cease to exist.
  12. If the complaint is unjustified (e.g. the flaws are not covered by the guarantee), the Manufacturer/Seller has the right to charge the Customer with the cost of trip for the service crew that inspects such flaw.
  13. In case of recognised complaints concerning export orders, the Manufacturer shall only provide spare parts. The cost of delivering such parts will be covered by the Customer.