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Lift-Slide Doors & Windows (HST)

Lift-Slide Doors & Windows (HST)

HST sliding doors are used wherever spaciousness and lack of any barriers is required. Large glass surfaces provide constant lighting to the interior, while the glass pane reaches the floor, as the threshold is virtually invisible, so it appears that there is no barrier between the indoor and the outdoor

Using special construction solutions allows for terrace doors with very large glass surfaces. The fittings allow for up to 6000 mm in width and 2500 mm in height. Even though the glass panes are massive, sliding them requires minimum effort. The user remains in full control of the speed, flow and safety of the motion.

HST elements leading to the garden or to the terrace are in line with the latest market trends, i.e. using large glass surfaces to effectively improve the comfort of living. This can be achieved by using HS-PORTAL from SIEGENIA.

Lift-Slide Doors & Windows (HST)


Small threshold height in this solution - 19 mm - allows for free movement from the outside to the inside. This threshold is not a barrier, even for the disabled (according to DIN 18025)

A short, aesthetically pleasing HS PORTAL threshold has one more benefit - its construction is effective in limiting heat losses - the Uf is 1.67 W/m2K. Functional joints between the frame and the threshold provide stability in corners. Perfectly fitted covers allow for aesthetic finishing of the threshold, thus improving the overall look.


Freedom of movement

Si-MotionWindows open, window closed - by pushing a button. Comfortable remote control operates a drive which opens and closes the windows quitely and reliably. Modern design, compact, discreet and beautiful form - now available as an option for HST patio doorsSi-Motion